This FFPlayer index indicates the level of play of a football (USA: soccer) player. Via this index you can independently compare the level of play of players all over the world, in different competitions. To get a number we combine information from different scouts and databases from all over the world and let an algorithm calculate a number between 0 and 100. The higher the number, the higher the level of play of the player.

The index is based on data, video and live scouting. Our data comes from open source databases or pay-per-view databases. The video scouting are done via Instat, Wyscout and regular video platforms. For live scouting we prefer local scouts to reduce the effect which travelling got on the environment and the limitations on travelling due to covid-19. The local scouts are also more experienced in that particular area. They speak the local language, have a good network and know the culture better than an outsider.

The index is a number between 0 and 100:
Overall index, which is an average number for the level of play the player.
Potential index; level of play a player potentially can reach if he develops himself overtime.

To give an example; the Freelance Football Player index of Cristiano Ronaldo currentlyis 87.4. This is one of the highest in world of football. The best rating he ever reached in a game was in his best days of 2018, getting a maximum score of 96.9, against Girona with scoring 4 goals. This is his potential rating; he can still get near this level of play, is he has an outstanding day. But with his body getting older and with less importance to the team play, he will probably not reach it anymore. The third and last index is the form index and for Ronaldo in 2021, he is on 87.3, which is 0.1 lower than his overall level of play, so that is not much of a difference.

To get some more insight, you will find the indexes of some players here:

NameFFP overallFFP potentialFFP Form dec20
Gianluigi Donnarumma76.681.076.45
Alex Meret72.976.472.5
Salvatore Sirigu74.174.772.2
Alessio Cragno72.673.671.0
Marco Silvestri68.969.270.1
Pierluigi Gollini72.473.173.0
Alessandro Bastoni71.680.673.1
Alessio Romagnoli74.781.875.5
Francesco Acerbi76.780.976.6
Gianluca Mancini71.777.872.3
Leonardo Bonucci78.182.278.3
Gian Marco Ferrari68.073.168.9
Angelo Ogbonna69.876.970.6
Giorgio Chiellini79.283.679.3
Leonardo Spinazzola73.486.273.9
Luca Pellegrini66.881.266.9
Christiano Biraghi69.479.267.6
Giovanni di Lorenzo72.682.473.4
Alessandro Florenzi73.382.274.3
Danilo D'Ambrosio71.680.572.4
Davide Calabria69.980.470.9
Mattia de Sciglio71.579.670.9
Sandro Tonali68.583.569.6
Manuel Locatelli71.984.273.2
Nicola Barella74.982.475.4
Matteo Pessina68.176.869.0
Roberto Soriano70.877.770.6
Marco Verratti79.486.578.5
Lorenzo Pellegrini73.781.374.4
Stefano Sensi72.779.972.5
Bryan Cristante71.277.871.8
Roberto Gagliardini72.080.072.7
Giacomo Bonaventura71.077.770.9
Nicolo Zaniolo72.283.372.5
Lorenzo Insigne77.689.077.7
Stephan el Shaarawy73.679.270.9
Vicenzo Grifo70.475.570.7
Federico Bernardeschi72.380.872.3
Domenico Berardi73.780.874.5
Riccardo Orsolini70.380.171.0
Federico Chiesa74.284.774.5
Manuel Lazzari73.176.773.0
Andrea Belotti73.787.973.6
Kevin Lasagna67.276.066.6
Ciro Immobile79.092.078.4
Moise Kean66.880.467.4
Francesco Caputo72.279.873.8
Pietro Pellegri60.372.760.1
Stefano Okaka66.775.866.1

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